AA Soccer Academy

We are a soccer skills training academy that has partnered with KSA in order to serve the local soccer community through our delivery of the most up to date and significant training in the sport of Soccer. The main focus of AA Soccer Academy is to provide full developmental support to all players in an effort to prepare them for competition. The knowledge that is gained during our training sessions can easily be transferred and implemented in a real game setting.

Our athletes have the ability to learn in an engaging, fun, educative, and innovative way that best meets their needs to help ensure improvement. Our goal with AA Soccer Academy is to collaborate with and enhance the knowledge of every (stakeholder) coach, player, parent, sponsor, and partners, in order to best develop every individual in the sport of soccer through the present and into their future. Our Core Values and more detailed explanations of our Skills Training Sessions and Camps are listed below, but you can always visit our website at AASoccerAcademy.com in order to learn more about us, see our upcoming schedule, and to register with us.

Our Core Values

Service - to provide and deliver excellent and professional service.
Unity - to work united for better outcomes.
Collaboration -  to collaborate with others and seek exceptional results.
Commitment - to have the commitment to do great things for one and for all.
Empowerment - to build strong character by empowering everyone to become their best.
Safety - to ensure safety exists for everyone at all times.
Stability - to be able to keep stable professional relationships.

Fun - to have fun learning, coaching, and playing everyday.
Optimistic - to be optimistic in all things.
Respect - to demonstrate respect and have respect for everyone else.

Accountability - to be able to own responsibility for all actions.
Leadership - to be able to lead all stakeholders in helping transition vision into reality.
Lively - to be energetic and bring excitement to everyone.

Passionate - to have the passion for the learning and success of others.
Ethical - to behave in the most professional and legal manner in all things.
Open - Minded-to be able to openly share ideas.
Perseverance - to be able to try and never give up.
Loyalty - to be able to support and be truthful to everyone.
​Equality - to be able to treat others and be treated equally.

Summer Camps location: Keller Sports Complex Soccer Fields