KSA is adopting the following Recommended Best Practices in an effort to provide a safe environment for our coaches, athletes, and their families. These are designed to help Teams, Coaches, Players and Spectators with procedures for operating both practices and games post COVID-19. They do not replace or supersede any protocols or restrictions outlined by our state or local authorities.

Recommended Best Practices for Soccer Field: 

  • All players should bring their own drink, snack etc. and these items should be very distinctly marked with the players full name. 

  • Please leave space between players if using these benches.  If used, benches must be sanitized before and after. 

  • Teams should keep players spread out; expanding players down the sideline when room permits and only if player safety will not be compromised.  Players/players parent should bring their own seat/chair if desired.

  • Players may wear PPE items if they choose, if the items do not compromise the safety of participants in the game. 

  • No team/player handshakes, high fives, and no group gatherings such as team huddles or end of game tunnels between teams/players on the field. 

  • No group halftime or post-game snacks/drinks are to be distributed to the teams.


Parent and Player Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the player is healthy by checking the players temperature before activities with others. Do not attend trainings or games if exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or other symptoms identified by the CDC.

  • Players should not attend trainings or games if they have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 within the past 14 days.

  • Consider not carpooling or very limited carpooling.

  • As opposed to most associations which only have one entrance to their fields that everyone must come through, KSA is lucky in that each field has its own parking area so there is less chance of passing by other people.  As such, we are allowing spectators at games if they stay at least 6 feet from other non-family spectators and should not approach non-family players unless both parties are wearing masks.  Additionally, we are scheduling bigger breaks between games and staggering start times to decrease chances of passing others as well.

  • Bring your own hand sanitizer to trainings and games and use when not on the field.

  • Ensure players clothing is washed immediately after each training or game.

  • Ensure players equipment (shoes, ball, shin guards, etc.) are sanitized before and after each training or game.

  • Ensure the player has his/her own equipment (ball, water, bag, etc.) and is told not to share with others.

  • Notify your coach or manager immediately if the player becomes ill for any reason.

  • When not on the field, players and players' equipment should be six feet from other players and equipment.

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