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(players born in the year 2017)



The U4 program was created for our younger players to give them a fun and interactive introduction to the world of soccer.  The U4 format does not follow the typical format of that of the older ages as it doesn’t include a weekly practice and then separate game day.  This program is developed with the younger players in mind that may not be able to stay focused on static drills and/or lengthy repetitive actions.  Our U4 program was developed to focus primarily on skill development with a fun game/scrimmage at the end to give the players a feeling of playing a “real game” like older siblings or relatives typically play. The hour long program runs each week and includes approximately 30 minutes of adventure-themed activities which assist players in areas of balance, stability, dribbling and working with the ball.  Players will get a lot of touches on the ball to work on ball handling and skills that will greatly benefit them as they advance to traditional formats in the future. Themes vary from being pirates, flying through space, spending the day at the farm, and much more!  The activities hold the players' attention while developing various skills and abilities to give them a jump start to the game down the road.  The program is run by KSA Volunteer Board Members with years of coaching experience. 


For additional information or questions, please contact the U4 Commissioner at

Fall registration link coming soon!

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