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Miracle League

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KSA ML Coordinator 

Lindsey Geasland

Thank you!

KSA Miracle League is BACK and providing the opportunity for every person a chance to play soccer! With a focus on the development of teamwork, sportsmanship, commitment, and community, the KSA Miracle League provides physically and mentally challenged individuals a safe and spirited program in which they can learn, develop skills, and play the game of soccer on a soccer field – just like other players. KSAML provides a unique and memorable opportunity that these individuals may not otherwise have. We at KSA Miracle League do not see a player's disability….but their ABILITY!


coming soon!


​​Ages: 5 through 13

Start Date: TBD

Times: TBD

Registration Fee: TBD

Registration is required in order to participate. We are only able to accept the first 25 registrants, so sign up now!!

Thank you to our gracious Miracle League sponsor, Sue Smith of Debbie Keller Allstate Insurance in Watauga!

During each session, coaches and volunteers will provide instruction on basic soccer skills, working one-on-one with our Miracle League Soccer players. For one and a half hours, players will move through various skill stations, working to develop their skills, then ending the evening with a scrimmage type game or a friendly game of kickball.

Want to make a difference and VOLUNTEER with KSA Miracle League?

We have plenty of opportunities to help! Please contact the KSAML Director, Lindsey Geasland, at if you want to make a difference and have a lot of fun!

Fan in the Stands  -

The easiest way to volunteer is to just come out and cheer the athletes on from the sidelines…or better yet, get involved ON the field as a ML athlete's Buddy or Group Leader / Coach! 

Buddy  -

Want to be on the field helping the athletes??? As a ML Buddy, you are paired up with one of our players and assist that player during each training session, either with drills, rules, games, and just being a good friend! Many of our player/buddies form lasting friendships! (Please Note: Non-sibling Buddies must be 10 years of age or older)


Group Leader / Coach  -


Know the game of soccer? Want to lead an age group through basic training sessions, scrimmage situations, and kickball games?  You don’t need to be a soccer expert as we will give you all the guidance to make it a successful soccer season! (Please Note: Group Leaders / Coaches must be high school age or older)

Our Volunteer/Buddy program is a GREAT way for all high schools students to earn their Community Service/Green Chord hours as each session earns 2 hours.  Lindsey Geasland, Director of the Miracle League, will give out signed papers after each session to earn credit from whatever hours you are in need of.  So go ahead and sign up, and you'll have a great time with all the great kids!

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