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Referee Top Ten 

This list was adapted from United States Youth Soccer Association Flyer….
Referees…Coaches…Parents…    It’s the Players’ Game!

REFEREES…  come in contact with thousands of youth players every year.  Their ability to influence fair play is greater than most other adults.

REFEREES…  what can they do to make the game of soccer better for the players?



1>  Know the Laws of the Game, Study the rules of the league or level of competition.  Study the game and the Spirit of Soccer.

2>  Be Professional:   On Time, In Proper Uniform, Prepared, Fit, Part of a “Team”

3>  Show Respect to Players, Coaches, Parents and Fans.  Explain when needed.

4>  Be assessed regularly.  Seek evaluation from mentors, coaches, players.  Help less experienced referees.

5>  Be Consistent.  (Firm, Fair, Honest)

6>  Know and Use Proper Procedures.  Attend meetings, clinics, seminars.

7>  Accept only the number and level of games/assignments that can be done well.

8>  Take each game seriously, remain calm.

9>  Show Courage and Confidence.  Avoid Arrogance.

10> SMILE !!    Enjoy the game.

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