Referee Pay Policy 



1>  Pre-Game, Home Team will pay referee in cash, in correct amounts for solo referee, or for Center referee/Assistant referees as noted on Ref Pay Schedules for current season.


2>  For Games which do not ‘start’ (reasons could be weather, fields unplayable, one or both teams no-show, or other circumstance), Home Team (if present) will retain referee fees for that game.  Decision to re-schedule game, or if game not rescheduled, refund of ref fees to KSA, will be at the sole discretion of the age-group commissioner/scheduler.  If game ‘starts’, and whether or not it goes to completion, referee (or ref crew) keeps monies paid pre-game.


3> If any assigned Game does not ‘start’, for any reason mentioned above, referee will submit a written (email acceptable) report using the KSA Game Report for U-8/below.  Referee Report will only satisfy information on event, decision on ‘forfeit’ or standings are sole decision of League officials.

This report form is available at fields in Golf Cart Binder, or via website under Referee forms.    Submit to Director of Referees for review, decision on proper payment.


4> Once Referee Director reviews circumstances of game, payment will be made available (in cash, correct amounts) for Referee Pickup at Next Scheduled Saturday (at fields/on golf cart).   If last week of season, Referee will be notified when pay may be picked up at KSA offices.



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