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Register as a KSA Referee 

 REGISTER AS REFEREE W/ KSA – Game Officials System


In order to be assigned to games at Keller Sports Park during the Fall 2015 season, you MUST register in the Game Officials system. KSA uses Game Officials for all referee assigning. You will need to have and register an email address and check it daily during the season for your game assignments. KSA’s Referee Assignor (Bob Simpson), and KSA’s Director of Referees (Thomas Moran), will be source of referee emails.


If you are a RETURNING REFEREE that already has a Game Officials login and password, follow these steps:

1) On the internet go to and click on ‘USER LOGIN’.   Select: Referees
2) Enter your User Name and Password  *Make a note of this for later use
3) Click on ‘Upcoming Events’ and then ‘Search Events’ (in the gray bar)
4) In the ‘Event Name’ box type “Keller” and click on “go”
5) Once you see the ‘Keller Fall 2015 Season” click on ‘Register as Referee’. This will allow you to get assignments for our U5-U9 games.
6) If you are qualified and want to referee U10-U19 games, repeat steps 3-5 above, only this time put “NMCSL” in the ‘Event Name’ box.
7) Click on ‘Referee Assignors’ in the blue bar and make sure “KSA-Assignor” is approved, as PRIMARY. Click on ‘Cancel Assignor’ for any assignors you are unfamiliar with, or for noted associations that you don’t wish to work for or show them your availability.
8) Be sure to BLACKOUT any dates/time you can’t work by clicking on ‘My Schedule’ and then ‘Availability’. Once there enter the date [example: 9/23/10] and time range [example: 8:00am] for any periods that you can’t be refereeing games. Be sure to add in any needed travel time to get to KSA on time.
9) Make sure your profile information is complete, up-to-date with phones (primary phone in the mobile phone slot), address, emails, date of birth, U.S.S.F. I.D. number, use notes field to comment if you’re a KSA player – or if you have sibling on team, before Closing the window to exit.
10) During the season, log in frequently to make availability adjustments, confirm or decline your assignments, and print/view your schedule.


If you are a NEW REFEREE to KSA or NMCSL, you will first need to create a profile in the Game Officials system. 

Follow these steps:

1) On the internet go to and click on ‘New Official’.   Select:  ‘Click Here to Log In’
2) Click on ‘Click Here to Create a New Account’
3) Enter data in all of the bold fields including:
•    First and last name (use proper upper/lower case)
•    State registered is ‘Texas North’
•    Address, city, state, zip
•    Email address
•    Home phone and cell phone (place your primary phone number in the mobil phone field)
•    Date of your last referee certification class registration.
•    Your referee grade level (most of you will be either Grade 9 or Grade 8)
4) NOW YOU MUST Follow the steps above under “Returning Referees” to get registered for KSA and/or NMCSL FALL 2015 events.

Questions can be directed to: Director of Referees, Thomas Moran ( and/or

Assignor, Bob Simpson (

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