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NMCSL – Scoring Games 

NMCSL – Scoring games in GotSoccer

NMCSL will continue to use GotSoccer to host our schedules and standings for Fall 2014. You can view schedules and standings at you are the home team, you should be entering your scores using your phone right after your game.


To enter your scores, you’ll need:
  • the event ID (40328)

  • the game number (on your online schedule)

  • and the NMCSL pin number (from your commissioner)

    To enter your scores using your phone (press # after each entry):
  • Dial 1-866-391-0662 and press 1 to enter your score

  • Enter the numeric event ID – 40328

  • Enter your four-digit event pin number – 4625

  • Enter the game number from your schedule

  • Enter the home team score

  • Enter the visiting team’s scoreYou will receive confirmation that your scores have been entered and they will be updated automatically on the web. Remember – all scores should be entered within 48 hours.If you have questions or if you make a mistake, email your commissioner.

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